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Arthur Truax June 2021 (Uncle Artie) His last dance for Jesus in Cote d’ivoire

This video was take the last day of the last trip Arthur Truax was able to take in June 2021 before going to be with Jesus in September 2021. He loved the Lord and he loved Africa and telling others about Jesus was first always on his mind.

OCTOBER 7 UPDATE from Rachel & Jay:

just wanted to let everyone know that the church building in Burkina Faso is getting a roof thanks to your generous donations in memory of my dad.  Jay Ayers was able to help get the funds to Africa last week and Pastor Bako messaged me today with these photos of the progress happening NOW! Yay! Also, I have a screenshot of the post from Pastor Bako. As he was shopping for materials for the church, he shared the gospel with this man who trusted Jesus as his Savior! So awesome! Anyway, thank you so much for your generosity. I know my dad would be so happy!

Praise the Lord! The work of the Lord continues what a blessing it is to see and to know someone accepted Jesus during the process! Soon they will be having services in there teaching people about Jesus.  Windows and the doors will be going in soon!
A mission project Uncle Artie was working on in Burkina Faso before he passed. We are continuing his efforts to help complete this Church building in his honor.
Here is the link is anyone would like to help with this. Thank you everyone who has donated thus far and thank you for all your prayers and support 🙏
It is a blessing and we thank the Lord we can help feed children daily in Ghana and Cote d’ivoire West Africa 🌍. Most of the children this is their only hope for food that day! We can use your help to continue feeding and prayerfully feed even more in the future with your help.
If anyone would like to contribute to their meals here is a link to help.
Less than 50 cents a day to help feed 1 child. Currently we help feed 25 children a day that’s 750 meals a month! 🙌
Glory to God
We thank each one for your prayers and support the children Thank you toooo!